Something New

I’ve been a photoblogger for years. I’m an iPhone photography addict and have managed iPhonePhotoMaven since 2012.  The free site is running out of space, and it’s time to move despite having over 500 followers. I’m going to post this there when this site gets functional, and maybe they’ll move there. This year I’m going paid sites for both writing and photography.

I’ll be keeping the moniker Foghamar for my photo work. Just in case you wonder why a “fog-hammer” and have visions of a great, misty hammer made of fog, the word is a seasonal reference. The full term is: Mean Foghamar and is pronounced Moon FOW-r. It means Autumn Equinox. Instead of sounding ominous “That’s one mean fog hammer coming this way!” I shortened it to Foghamar. So now you know the story behind the name.

I’ll be keeping mobile photography as the modality because I always have my iPhone with me, but I’d have to go digging for a camera and haul it around with me to get most of my photos.

I’m aware a high-end DSLR would give me much better photos. I’m not a Sherpa who carries heavy loads. When I’m out and around having one small dog, (sometimes two if I am fostering) and an iPhone suits me. I can dictate thoughts, take photos, get some exercise, and meet new people.

I have gotten print quality photos from some of my efforts. I have one framed and hanging in my bedroom after being photo-manipulated by iPhone/iPad apps I use.

Snapseed – basic go to
iColorama – very arts oriented and I make some awesome art here
Phonto – everyone needs a signature
Enlight – probably on its way out as I don’t use it enough
Popograph – too much file compression, but some interesting effects
There are more, but I rotate them on and off the phone as needed

Now and then I use Snapheal on the Mac when I need to do more “healing” or removal on a 27-inch screen.

MJPhoto is linked to my author site, MJ is a published author who is shortly bringing out a new book on her life in Alaska. You can get all the historical info on easily accessed publications on that site.

Sadly, no iPhone photography back then. When I consider the quality of the photos I took then vs what I’m getting off the iPhone now I’m happier than ever to be an iPhoneographer.

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