Dog Torture Chamber – the Vet


My dog McKinley is as afraid of going to the vet as she is of fireworks and violent thunderstorms. She paces. She pants. She has the equivalent of white coat hypertension for dogs. Don’t pet me. Don’t touch me. Don’t poke that thing in my butt to take my temperature. Don’t give me a shot. Aaaaugh! I am going to die! It was quite busy today and we had to wait so long she got over her panic attack while we were confined in the little room. I took a photo and manipulated it with Distressed FX and iColorama. iPhone 5SE plus phonto. $100 later we are pretty sure she is going to live long and prosper – two meds, confined to the house except for walks (perceived temp of 111°F), lots of rest, bottled water (some areas of town have boil orders), chicken and rice meals until next week. I love my frantic girl with the upset tummy.

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